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The LINK escalator extends the commercial escalator product to higher rise, advanced safety features and modern design.
Safe, reliable, performance
Link escalator, with its modern design, innovative technology and advanced processes, will further enhance and reinforce Otis' reputation as the premier provider of escalators. To develop superior escalator technology and performance, we have combined careful research of our customers' needs with extensive analysis of modern escalator design.

As a result of considerable investment, Otis’ unique manufacturing process ensures ever-increasing levels of reliability for all our escalators. All components are designed and tested to ensure reliable performance for extended periods of time, removing the need for major replacements.
Product Details
SafetyThe unique form of Otis’ tapered handrail entry box is designed with safety in mind. Specially developed deflectors ensure that only the handrail enters the critical zone. The location of the safety switch, behind the handrail entry box, also protects against causal interference.
Precise synchronisation between handrail and step speed ensures a safe ride for all passengers.
The unique design of the skirt panel permits inclusion of a skirt lighting system for enhanced safety.
PerformanceThe location of the escalator machine in the upper landing is easily accessible for maintenance, reducing in section downtime.
A heavier duty step-chain enables the LINK escalator to meet high-rise applications.
Unique multi-function operation panels at the upper and lower landings provide key access and visual indication of running status, recent history and, if necessary, fault diagnosis.
Energy SavingsThe Link escalator is fitted with highly efficient gear systems and machines that are designed to reduce energy consumption, and operational running costs.
The Variable Frequency Control System adjusts the escalator’s speed and output according to detected traffic flows. The adjustment in speed ensures passenger safety, conserves energy and significantly reduces running costs.
StyleWith advanced styling designs, the escalator has been developed to blend seamlessly into different building environment.
LightingThe Link can be equipped with different types of lightings to enhance elegance, illumination and safety. They include skirt panel lighting, under handrail lighting, comb lighting, under step lighting, truss lighting and traffic flow lighting.
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