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Elevator technology reinvented for super high-rise buildings.
Beyond Comparison
With speeds of up to 15 m/sec and with a 68 passenger capacity load, SKYWAY® establishes new standards in performance. Not only that but it introduces a revolutionary Super Double Deck car design that is both stunning to observe and exhilarating to experience. Evolving from the world proven Elevonic®411 elevator, SKYWAY® is the brainchild of 150 experts specialising in such diverse fields as high technology materials, artificial intelligence and aerodynamics. Supported by the vast research resources of United Technologies, the team achieved its goal of producing an elevator with a performance and a safety profile that were unprecedented in the
Product Description
Safety firstSKYWAY® establishes new parameters in safety design. One of the keys to this achievement has been the development of a high technology alloy with unmatched temperature, strength and friction characteristics. Used on the wedge face of the safety brake shoe, the high friction properties and low wear rate have proved to be both highly cost effective and robust.
More compact machinesSKYWAY's high capacity, AC gearless machine is available in three sizes - 40, 70 and 100 tons. Boasting 40% weight savings over the previous generation of gearless machines and between 12% and 30% reduction in critical footprint dimensions, the machines represent a family concept. As such, they use common parts and so minimise maintenance requirements and costs.
Smoother ride through ObserverUsing a high-speed CPU in the machine sub-system, the Observer control compensates for hoistway inertia factors (rope, car and other hoistway mass). This in turn leads to a more comfortable ride and precision floor levelling.
A more intelligent controllerTo meet the high demands of serving this super high-rise market, Otis has developed a new control system architecture with a highly intelligent dispatching system using state-of-the-art technology such as Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networking and Artificial Intelligence. The system is capable of controlling up to 12 double-deck elevators (24 doors) in a 140-storey building. And literally translates into significant improvements in average waiting time for hall calls and as much as a threefold reduction of protracted waiting times compared to conventional systems.
Drawings and Brochures
SKYWAY® Product Information
SKYWAY® Product Information
SKYWAY® Elevator Brochure
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