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The GeN2®Focus2 machine-roomless elevator system is designed for low to high residential and commercial buildings.
Utilising the revolutionary GeN2® operating system and coated-steel belts this elevator will provide exceptionally quiet operation. With the highest level of ride quality available from a machine-roomless system — The GeN2®Focus2 delivers exactly what every tenant wants.
Product Details
Revolutionary design and technologyThe hallmark of the Gen2® is its entirely original hoisting technology - as well as being lightweight, flexible reinforced steel belts, enveloped in a tough polyurethane jacket that improves traction and requires no lubrication, these belts are quieter, 20 per cent lighter and have a life span two to three times longer than conventional ropes.
Experience the quiet rideDesign elements including the coated steel belts, rubber isolating padding and exceptionally quiet controller shields passengers from noise when gliding up and down. These differentiating features makes the GeN2®Focus2 one of the quietest machine-roomless systems produced to date.
Reliable, efficient and clean The GeN2® system represents another step forward in Otis’ commitment to develop products that are less harmful to the environment. The belts, gearless machine and the disc brakes do not require the addition of oil or grease once in service. The synchronous permanent magnet machine is one of the most efficient motor types of gearless machines around.

To further improve energy efficiency the GeN2®Focus2 now includes a ReGen® drive system which reduces energy usage by capturing the energy normally dissipated as heat during braking. The ReGen® drive feeds this energy back into the building’s internal electrical grid for use by other building systems, such as adjacent elevators and lighting.

Streamlined and efficient installation We set ourselves the highest standard when installing an Otis product. The GeN2Focus2 system is no exception. The combination of Otis world wide streamlined installation process and smart product design, reduces impact to other building construction and trades to a minimum.
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