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The GeN2®Lux elevator system offers the quality ride of the original GeN2® System with added high-speed capacity. The energy-efficient gearless permanent magnet (PM) machine is isolated and in its own Machine Room Compartment (MRC) to provide an exceptionally quiet and comfortable ride.
Less Intrusive Servicing
The Machine Room Compartment (MRC) sits on a non-structural concrete slab which acts as a noise and heat barrier, making the elevator ride exceptionally quiet and comfortable for tenants.
Product Details
Experience the comfortRevolutionary polyurethane coated steel belts result in a smoother and quieter ride and have a life span two to three times longer than conventional steel ropes.
The door operator’s variable speed AC control provides superior performance and reliability over thousands of door opening and closing operations.
Reliable and efficientThe compact, low inertia gearless machine with sealed-for-life bearings is equipped with a highly efficient permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motor resulting in energy savings and system efficiency.
Intelligent Relative System Response (RSR) Plus™ Dispatching controller with Regenerative drive (optional premium) further increases system and building efficiency by reducing the amount of energy consumed by the building.
Clean and Efficient - A Range of Environmental Benefits The GeN2® represents another step forward in Otis’ commitment to develop environmentally-friendly products. The belts and the gearless machine - which has sealed for-life bearings - require no oil or grease.
Synchronous permanent magnet machines with radial air gap are the most efficient motor type of gearless machine. An electromagnetic filter eliminates interference with the building’s other electrical systems.
Compact and Energy-Efficient Gearless Machine Thanks to the coated steel belts, the machine takes up only 30 per cent of the space of a conventional geared machine. The low-inertia gearless machine with sealed-for-life bearings requires no additional oil or polluting lubricants, making it environmentally friendly to operate. Reliability and efficiency is also enhanced by use of a maintenance-free disc brake. The GeN2® is one of the most efficient and cost-effective elevators to operate.
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