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606 NCT

Safety, reliability and efficiency - are all hallmarks of the 606 NCT.
The sheer number of passengers a commercial TRAV-O-LATOR® carries, demands that safety has to be the overiding concern. In this respect the 606 NCT's performance is unsurpassed. By way of example, tapered deflectors prevent objects from entering the handrail entry box (a design unique to OTIS). Trolleys can be transported in safety. And the balustrade, with an ideal 1000mm height at landings, is constructed of 10mm thick safety glass.
Product Details
Robust and reliableThe same exacting standards apply to the build quality and the engineering design. The microprocessor controller ensures greater reliability and a multi-function operation panel provides key access and visual indication of running status together with a recent history and detailed fault diagnosis.
Impressive performanceA TRAV-O-LATOR that is designed for a commercial environment has to be designed to satisfy certain commercial criteria. It has to be economical, it has to be quiet and its ride has to be smooth.
The analysis of components and their performance, the advanced motor and control technology that comes through the huge investment in research and development and the fine-tuning of each TRAV-O-LATOR installation on a regular basis - all contribute to economical performance.
SafetySafety is our priority. The Otis 606NCT has been designed with the latest safety features to protect passengers. It meets most of the international standard codes.
The very low transition angle of the comb has been specially designed to guarantee the smooth and safe transport of shopping carts and trolleys. Suitable trolleys can be transported on both inclined and horizontal versions of the Otis moving walkways.
The gap between the pallet and skirt panel is less than that required by global codes. The minimum and constant gap ensures a safe ride.
Otis’ tapered handrail entry box is the safest ever designed. Its unique form ensures that nothing except the handrail itself can approach the critical zone, and the safety switch protects against casual interference. Solid steel skeleton is to support shells and newel glass panel. The inner and outer decking shells are available in different materials and finishes.
Energy savingsThe Otis 606NCT uses variable frequency technology to meet different loading patterns. With this power saving device, the escalator’s speed and output can be adjusted according to detected traffic flows.
Drawings and Brochures
606 NCT Product Information
606 NCT Product Information
606NCT Brochure
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