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Otis 610NPT - the new standard of moving walkways for heavy traffic elegant, robust, reliable, environment and service friendly.
The design makes the difference
A Trav-O-Lator which sets new standards for airports, metros, fairs, pedestrian under and overpasses. Safety, elegance, reliability, availability and lifetime all comply with the highest requirements of the passenger transport sector in accordance with all international codes.
Product details
Safety comes firstAs safety is an ongoing process, each new generation of Trav-O-Lator is an improvement over its predecessor.
The optimized handrail entry box minimizes the risk of objects becoming trapped. Full-width pallet axles prevent pallet deformation and help to ensure minimum gap clearances between the pallet and the skirt panel.
Comfort and performanceRide comfort is directly related to the precision with which Trav-O-Lator is engineered. Balustrade rigidity, the synchronization of pallet and handrail movement all play a part in providing a qualified and reliable Trav-O-Lator.
Components and sub-components have been designed and qualified within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified procedures.
AestheticsDifferent balustrade designs allow for optimal adaptation to the surroundings. A wide variety of decking finishes, handrail colours, glass or opaque interior panels are all available to blend with the individual building requirements.
Unique to the industry is the availability of different truss (supporting frame) heights in connection with the distance between supports for easy integration into the building conditions.
ReliabilityFundamental to our reliability program is a design process known as 'Passport'. An initiative unique to Otis, the Passport process establishes strict checkpoints from planning and development through to manufacture and delivery to site. Specifically, it means the product has to be approved at each checkpoint before it can proceed to the next stage. And, importantly, it involves staff at all levels including Otis Senior Management. Main components are tested and proven to ensure an average life expectancy in excess of 20 years.
Drawings and Brochures
610 NPT Product Information
610 NPT Product Information
610NPT Brochure
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