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Roller guides travel along rails to keep the elevator car properly aligned as it moves in the hoistway. They help smooth the elevator's ride by absorbing lateral vibration, much the way the shock absorbers in an automobile's suspension help it glide over bumps in the road.
Instead of relying on springs, which require manual tensioning and adjustment, Ultra™ Roller Guides employ a unique isolator that has been proven to reduce lateral cab vibration by as much as 50 percent. The Ultra™ Roller Guides’ self-adjusting feature tolerates rail misalignments of up to ¼ in. (7 mm) per 16 feet (5 meters) of rail section. This means more consistent ride quality as well as a significant reduction of elevator downtime over the life of the installation.

Ultra™ Roller Guides serve as a direct replacement for original Otis equipment and are easily adaptable to other existing equipment. They are standard on new Otis geared and gearless elevators. Ultra™ Roller Guides are designed for loads of up to 5,500 lbs. (2,500 kg) and speeds of 350-1,800 feet per minute (1.6-9.0 m/s).
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Ultra Roller Guide Fact Sheet
Ultra Roller Guide Fact Sheet
Ultra Roller Guide Fact sheet
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