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Remote Elevator Monitoring, or REM®, allows early detection of potential problems, and prompt rectification of any issues.

REM Makes the Call
If the REM® system detects a problem, it correctly diagnoses the cause and location, then automatically makes the service call — dramatically reducing the time your system is out of service.

Fast Response
If the REM® system detects an urgent problem, it reports the condition to the OTISLINE® 24-hour customer response centre, and an Otis technician is dispatched if necessary. Elevators are often back in service before you or your tenants realise there is a problem.

Preventing Callbacks
The REM® system identifies most problems before they occur. REM detects deteriorating components and intermittent anomalies, and notes the small nuisances that might have gone undetected until they caused service disruptions. Intermittent problems are often fixed before they annoy you or your tenants.

Data for e*Service
Data generated by REM® is used to deliver information on equipment performance to e*Service.

*To check whether your equipment is featured with the OTIS Remote Elevator Monitoring System or to enquire about REM®, please contact your local Otis office.

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