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Otis believes that benefit plans are imperative to successful compensation programs and therefore, we are committed to offering you valuable and affordable benefits that promote good health and well-being among employees and your families as well. We want you to have a quality of life that enables you to reach your full potential, both at work and in your personal life. Attention to employee health increases the safety of our operations and reduces the costs of injuries and illnesses.

Otis designs compensation programs to attract and retain the best people. We offer competitive salaries based on skills, experience, performance and compensation awarded in the market for each particular job. We believe that an employee’s pay should directly reflect his or her performance and contribution to the company.

Here are some examples of our benefits programs:

• Life and Disability Insurance

• In-patient and Out-patient Medical Plan

• Paid Vacations

• Employee Scholar Program, which includes tuition reimbursement and paid time off to attend degree programs at accredited institutions

• Retirement
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