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Otis Link
A high profile escalator offering the advantages of modular design.
What distinguishes the Otis Link is its modular design. So while benefiting from the economies of volume production, it can be assembled to individual specification. Such flexibility makes the escalator ideal for retail, leisure, office and many other applications.
  • Safety first
  • The Otis Link embodies a host of safety features making it probably the safest escalator yet designed. There are special deflectors which prevent objects from being trapped in the handrail entry box. Steps are made of stainless steel, making them exceptional rigid and sturdy. And, critically, the gap between the step and the skirting is not only constant but less than that specified by the codes. Indeed in most areas concerning safety, the Otis Link not only meets the codes but greatly exceeds them.
  • Reliability through Quality Control
  • Comfort and reliability are inextricably linked to the quality of components and the expertise of their assembly. In both respects we set ourselves uncompromising standards. With the Otis Link, every step is measured and rigorous assembly controls are implemented which compare each operation against a strict tolerance level. Rigidity is assured by the glass balustrade continuous holding supports. And friction and wear is minimal due to the closed loop polymer guidance system.
  • Impressive performance
  • An escalator that is designed for a commercial environment has to be designed to satisfy certain commercial criteria. It has to be economical, it has to be quiet and its ride has to be smooth – qualities of inestimable value in shopping malls for instance.
  • Customer satisfaction through partnership
  • Because the key to a smooth and successful escalator installation is planning, from the very outset we dedicate a team of specialists to plan and implement a project. Working in close cooperation with the customer it analyses the requirements and defines the specification – taking into account all technical and aesthetic considerations.
  • Accent on aesthetics
  • It’s the sheer number of design options which allows the Otis Link to be so individual. In turn this means it can effortlessly adapt itself to a building’s interior. A range of attractive handrail colors is available to blend with architectural schemes. Balustrades are in clear glass with smoked, bronze and green as options. The truss is designed to incorporate high-quality cladding materials. Continuous and intermittent skirt lighting is optional. So too is understep lighting at embarkation and disembarkation points. And then there is the unique elongated newel which makes the escalator at once more elegant and more safe. It is in fact this dual role of combining the aesthetic with the functional which demonstrates the thinking behind the design of the Otis Link.
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