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XOP travolator fully utilizes the Otis’ advanced designing and manufacturing process-PDP process. It has been proved as the Otis’ most matured world wide move walkway products.
Through the stringent quality control system, and company’s enforcement on all along pursuing the higher quality, XOP is deemed as the most qualified and reliable product; It effectively eliminates the operation failure and shortens the maintenance time.
●High efficient worm gear box.
●Integrated Non Reversal Device/Motor thermal device/ Motor cover control; Optional control contact for lifted brake/ Brake lining wear/Overspeed governor.
●Compact design and small size.
●Low noise and smooth operation.
●Flender gearbox, most mature reducer in travolator industry.

Duplex-chain designed main drive wheel is with a strong broken strength. Such a compact and vigorous structure strengthens the reliability of the whole driving system, and as well promotes efficiency and riding quality.

Otis initiated tube structure truss with a robust design; It greatly improve the overall running stability and service life. The Otis blue painting renders the whole truss a protection against rustiness and corrosion.

Anti-slip grooves on the pallet surface have excellent slip-proof function to make the ride safe and comfortable. Slightly inclined combs can make the trolleys easily get on and off.

Special designed big wheel handrail drive runs in low noise and big power, which improves the running condition of the handrail, ensuring a smooth ride, prolonging its life time as well.
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