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Model Standard, Public, Semi, Fully Outdoor

A maximum rise of 8m (standard)

  • Security, such as compact Emergency stop, braking systems, Motor protection, Step protection, prevention panel near the entrance - out of the grip and some other.
  • Step ball made of stainless. (Patent Officer Fortis) makes a strong resistance. With beauty.
  • Quality and durability. Whether it is a strong framework knitting. Timing of some hands. Speed of the ball and step consistent no shock. Materials at hand to do some selective quality and robustness of stainless floor plate.
  • Energy is both
    • The ETA-plus energy saving mode reduces power consumption by up to 10% (depending on the load in the uncertainties in the other).
    • Frequency control system (Variable frequency: VF) allows power consumption up to 50% (depending on the load at that).
    • Intermittent running mode is the VF-based control system with sensors. Reduce power consumption when no longer.
There are also elevator designed for use a semi-outdoor (semi-out door) and outdoor (out door), which on humidity. Heat accumulation caused by sunlight. Will affect performance and longevity of the escalator. Or elevator used for public places that want to move passengers in large amounts.
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