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OTIS 4000

OTIS 4000 is OTIS’ high performance gearless solution elevator for prestigious high rise buildings. The Otis4000 combines the latest VVVF drive control technologies with sophisticated microprocessor control, intelligent modular system design, advanced door operating technology, modern aesthetics and OTIS quality and safety.

Intelligent dispatching
Efficient dispatching is key to performance. Today, the most efficient dispatcher in the industry is the Otis4000 RSR system that, with its algorithm of bonuses and penalties, consistently delivers the shortest waiting times with the minimum number of elevators.

Precise performance
The exhilarating but smooth ride of Otis4000 is achieved by closed-loop systems which constantly monitor a car’s performance, measuring every aspect against predetermined standards and correcting the slightest deviation within milliseconds.

Safety precautions
The best safety record in the industry can be attributed to an on-going research commitment. Recent innovations include a high-tech alloy wedge face for the safety brake shoe which has exceptional temperature, strength and friction characteristics for improved braking performance and reliability. Moreover the LAMBDA® 3D entrance-protection system anticipates passenger entry with an innovative hallway beam projection system and prevents doors from coming into contact with passengers.

Door System
The door system has a significant impact on elevator performance and passenger comfort. The Otis4000 door system is designed for higher-end applications with strict requirement for intelligence, performance, comfort and reliability.

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