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OTIS 3200

OTIS 3200 is the luxury series of the OTIS 3000, catering to buildings up to 130 meters tall and providing customers with a wide array of decorating options. It is an ideal solution for luxury apartments, office buildings, convention centers and shopping centers.

OTIS 3200 Features and Benefits
  • Safety features help to ensure passengers’ well-being
  • Overload indicator prevents filling a car beyond capacity
  • Intercom/emergency call button/alarm button enables passengers to call for assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Car panels have ventilation slots and are integrated into the interior design
  • Accurate leveling minimizes the risk of tripping
  • Solid fire rated doors
  • Complies with the international standard codes, including BS5655, GB7588, GB7025, EN81, ISO and Otis’ stringent worldwide quality and jobsite safety standards.
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