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CompassPlus destination management enhances people’s overall experience of your building. Our most advanced elevator dispatching system yet, CompassPlus acts like a virtual concierge, directing passengers where they need to go. Its high-end design adds to your building’s look, and its pioneering technology gets passengers to their destinations with less waiting and fewer stops than conventional dispatching systems – and some reporting 50 percent faster.

Easy to use
  1. Enter your destination
  2. Receive your elevator assignment
  3. Follow the direction to your assigned elevator

Get to your destination faster

SmartGrouping: CompassPlus offers faster, better organized service thanks to unique innovation With our patented SmartGrouping technology we’ve revolutionized elevator travel by grouping passengers and stops – your car is assigned a group of passengers heading for the same place, but also a series of floors or ‘zones’. The result is a speedy, organized service.


Browsing the library has never been easier with the Compass Create software tool. Navigate through templates, observe all the screens, make your choice and quickly apply.


Want an even more customized experience beyond what you find in our new Concierge template library? Compass Create allows you to add a personal touch. Add any background image, change fonts and modify fixture screens to enhance the user experience.

Seamless security

You also get easy security integration. CompassPlus is designed to be extremely flexible and interfaces with numerous security providers. The system can accommodate built-in or external security ID readers. The only thing we’ve left out is compromise.

Vary adaptable modes of use

Inter-floor Security

Secure but not unfriendly. Controls permissible movement between floors

Multi-lobby Configurations

High passenger service quality with up to 3 lobbies

Asymmetrical floors

Smart passenger dispatching with elevator groups having uneven number of stops

Split Group Operation

Allows a single elevator bank to be divided into independently operating groups

Vertigo Service

Assign specific passengers to preferred elevators

VIP Mode

Provides priority service through dedicated VIP elevators

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