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Your elevator is a critical system in your building. Just like windows and HVAC, it will need attention that goes beyond what maintenance can provide. The Elevonic R-Series is an engineered system of new products that will bring your elevator up-to-date. The system is installed using methods specifically designed to minimize disruption in your building during modernization. And when your newly modernized elevator is turned over, it will be covered under the renowned Otis service plan. Only Otis can provide you with state-of-the-art products, a finely tuned process, and forward looking service.
The package features an Elevonic controller with ReGen™ drive, a closed loop door operator, new fixtures, a specially-designed AC motor and all new wiring, including traveling cable.
The Elevonic R-Series modernization package targets geared traction elevator systems found in mid-rise buildings.


  • Safer
  • Better reliability and performance
  • More environmentally friendly
  • More aesthetically pleasing
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 ElevonicR Series
ReGen™ Drive Animation
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