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Developed to optimize performance and minimize downtime, Remote Elevator Monitoring — REM® — tracks hundreds of system functions on thousands of elevators around the world. The REM® system is available on all Otis Microprocessors and Dover DMC equipment.

REM® Makes the Call
If the REM® system detects a problem, it correctly diagnoses the cause and location, then automatically makes the service call — dramatically reducing the time your system is out of service.

Fast Response
If the REM® system detects an urgent problem, it reports the condition to the OTISLINE 24-hour communications center, and an Otis mechanic is dispatched if necessary. Elevators are often back in service before you or your tenants realize there is a problem.
Preventing Callbacks
The REM® system identifies most problems before they occur. REM® detects deteriorating components and intermittent anomalies, and notes the small nuisances that might have gone undetected until they caused service.

    A Diagnostic software monitors elevators continuously and sends data to the REM® unit located in the machine room.

    B The REM® unit sends this information to the OTISLINE center.

    C Data is categorized by urgency and reviewed by OTISLINE representatives.

    D An OTISLINE representative alerts the field mechanic, if necessary.

    E The mechanic arrives at the job site with specific information, tools and parts to work on the elevator.



  • The most sophisticated diagnostic and detection system available
  • Elevators monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Reduced service interruptions
  • Faster, more accurate detection and analysis of problems
  • Faster service response
  • Dramatic reduction of elevator downtime
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 REM Fact Sheet
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