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The Pulse™ System continuously monitors and ensures the integrity of Gen2 flat, coated-steel belts 24/7. This first-of-its-kind system provides greater safety and peace of mind through its immediate, automatic reporting of belt status.

Conventional wire rope inspection relies on periodic visual examination of the hoist ropes, which requires taking the elevator out of service. These manual inspections require a visual examination of the ropes for broken exterior strands. This time consuming method not only causes downtime, but it can also leave broken interior strands undetected. The Pulse system’s automatic 24/7 monitoring and reporting eliminates the need for downtime while greatly enhancing the quality and reliability of the inspection.
How it Works
The Pulse system works by monitoring the electrical resistance of each cord inside of the Gen2 coated-steel belts. Conducting pins penetrate the belt’s coating to make electrical contact with each cord. When wear is detected, an alert is given more than a year in advance of when belts need to be replaced, allowing for convenient maintenance scheduling.

On elevators equipped with REM®, the system can remotely report belt wear and system faults for rapid response. On systems without REM, LEDs on the unit alert maintenance personnel of the need for belt replacement


  • Continuous monitoring brings peace of mind
  • Immediate automatic reporting enhances safety and eliminates inspection downtime
  • Advance notice of belt wear helps manage maintenance scheduling
Product Information - The Pulse System
 The Pulse™ System
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