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Leading the way to a greener future. We’ve taken our commitment to the environment and sustainable development to the next level. That means not only engineering products to be more energy efficient, but also manufacturing them in a way that’s kinder to the environment. It means continuing to “think and act green” after installation by offering maintenance and other services that help our customers save energy.
Green Manufacturing
In 2007, Otis opened the world’s first green elevator manufacturing facility. Located in the heart of China’s Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), the Otis Elevator Company TEDA Center incorporates the most advanced technologies to reduce site energy use by at least 25 percent. The facility produces environmentally friendly elevator systems.
Green Products
Otis’ environmentally friendly Gen2™ belted, machine-roomless elevator system sets the standard for elevator performance, efficiency and comfort. The Gen2 system’s flat, polyurethane belts and permanent magnet gearless machine do not require any additional lubrication, eliminating the need for storage, cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste. The Gen2 system is up to 50 percent more energy efficient than conventional elevators. And it delivers a smooth, quiet ride. In addition, rapid installation methods save contractors time and reduce construction costs.
As the product of choice for green building initiatives, ReGen™ drives reduce elevator energy use by up to 75 percent compared to non-regenerative drives. ReGen drives feed energy usually lost as heat back into the building’s internal electrical grid for reuse. The drives virtually eliminate disruptions to other building electronic systems caused by harmonic distortion and Radio Frequency Interference. ReGen drives lower overall building operating costs, delivering significant annual savings to building owners and tenants year after year during the life of the elevator.

Our escalators and moving walkways also have a reduced impact on the environment, using recyclable materials and featuring operation modes that reduce energy consumption.
Green Services
Otis offers a variety of maintenance programs and building support systems to fit customers’ needs and equipment types. Ultimately, the right maintenance at the right time extends the life of the equipment, ensures efficient performance and protects the owner’s investment.

ReGen™ Drives

Nuestros drives ReGen realmente retornar energía a la red eléctrica del edificio para su reutilización.

Nuestro compromiso con el Medio Ambiente

Alrededor del mundo Otis está comprometida a mejorar el ciclo de vida de sus productos y procesos para que no perjudiquen el medio ambiente.

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