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Our new Compass system offers tenants and visitors personalized elevator service while improving the flow of building traffic. Instead of pressing traditional up or down buttons, passengers enter their destination floors using keypads or interactive touch screens before entering an elevator.
Enter destination floorThe Compass system instantly assigns passengers to an elevator designated for the requested floor.
Proceed to assigned elevatorAs passengers head to their assigned elevator, it’s already on its way to meet them.
Enter assigned carEasy-to-read indicators – located on the elevator doorjamb – confirm passenger floor destinations. Note: In installations without indicators, illuminated floor buttons inside the elevator confirm destinations.
Travel to designated floorThe Compass system reduces travel time and provides a more comfortable ride – with fewer people per car and fewer stops per trip.
Product Benefits
For Passengersfewer stops per trip, less waiting time,
For Building owners and tenantsmore organized lobby,
For Architects and designersseveral design options (keypads, touch screens, displays and car panels),flexibility in elevator placement in lobbies
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