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EMS Panorama Management System
This advanced Elevator Management System (EMS) provides building staff with a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface that monitors and controls a wide array of elevator, escalator, and moving walkway functions. It was designed to simplify and optimize elevator management.Web-Based PlatformThe system is web-based, allowing users to access it virtually from any location. Easy-to-read graphics, sophisticated reporting features, and real-time animations allow users to interact with and control all building transportation functions. MonitoringEMS Panorama allows users to monitor the status of up to 64 groups or 512 units of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. The system provides access to real-time operational information about:
• Equipment status
• Performance
• Traffic patterns
• Floor accessibility
• Operating conditions
• Security status Equipment events
• AlarmsAdaptableThe system is available with new and existing Otis installation. It can also be used to upgrade or retrofit an existing Otis EMS system. Benefits
• Easy-to-use web interface
• Rapid report generation
• Provides real-time status
• Supplements building security
• Allows scheduling and planning for changes in traffic patterns Instantly notifies of key system events
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