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Door Protection
Door Protection system uses infrared emitters and detectors to create an invisible 2-D/3-D safety net across the elevator entrance. The microprocessor-controlled system continuously scans for interrupted beams. If any beam in the curtain is broken, the door protection system re-opens the elevator door instantly – without touching passengers.
Product Benefits
- Fast Response From passenger comes into the infrared detecting area to door protection system give order to door operator to re-open the door, response time is less than 100ms. - Passenger Safety No-touch model, protect passenger from being hurt.
- Original door uses safety edge which will give order to re-open the door after the door hitting passengers.
- New Lambda® 3D uses infrared emitters to give order to re-open the door without hitting passengers.
- Protect elevator door Protect the door from being crashed.
- If the door doesn’t have door protection system, passengers themselves or their luggage, barrows, etc. may crash into the door during its closing.
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