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Gen2-Regen : Double Energy-saving Technology

GeN2-Regen regenerating elevator adopts the most advanced elevator double energy-saving technology - Otis global regenerating technology. GeN2-Regen regenerating converter can transform the potential energy into electricity, providing the clean and pollutant-free electric power that meets the national electric standard to other users in the grid, realizing the regeneration of energy. Accompanied by the two energy-saving technologies of permanent magnet gearless tracking technology, the comprehensive energy saving can reach over 50%, and maximally 70%. It has been approved unanimously by experts to be “taking a lead in international energy saving”.
Product key Features
Gearless MachineGearless machine of GeN2-Regen is only 25cm wide and 100cm long. The machine is located at the top of hoist way, so building space is saved dramatically, which also making the GeN2-Regen machine easier to install and less energy to consume. The machine’s design, with a radial air gap, is as much as 50% more efficiency than a conventional geared machine, and 15% more efficient than a shaft-constructed machine.
Regenerative Driver - Energy SavingOTIS regenerative drivers use up to 70 percent less than non-regenerative drives for equivalent elevator motion.
Environment FriendlyThe converter unit of the driver can modulate the feedback energy by Plus-Width Modulation (PWM) to the power which has the same frequency (50Hz) and voltage (380V) as the building internal grid.
Space SavingOTIS regenerative drivers have no DBR resistance, and the design of drivers is more compact
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