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More than 100 years later, “moving stairs” still give people a convenient lift.
Otis wrote history with the introduction of the escalator in 1899. Today, we continue to improve the product through ongoing innovation. Similarly, Otis’ moving walkways offer safety, reliability and efficiency for both commercial and public applications.
Escalators and moving walkways are commonplace in airports, transit systems and shopping centers and offer an array of options.

The moving pavement is the ideal facility leaping a span in the same floor or efficiently connecting to another floor. Different from the escalator, it can be used in transporting shopping carts and luggage, etc. Simple and practical, it has become a common scene in airports, exhibition center and large shopping malls. The moving pavement of Otis has modernized innovative design, with the structure emphasizing on convenience in maintenance, and strict implementation of safety standards in manufacture, as well as multiple individualized backup choices. It’s customized according to your requirements, making the modern and innovative visual glamorous plan of the planning and designing staff possible
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