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Developed to update escalators safety performance and satisfy different customers’ different needs.
Product Benefits
Safety BrushProtect passengers' skirt, bootlace, children’s toy, etc from being gripped in the skirt and steps, also protect escalator itself from being damaged by external stuff.
Handrail Monitoring deviceWhen passenger were on moving escalator and putting his hand on the handrail, if the handrail moved faster or slower than the steps, the passenger might loss his balance and fall down. Handrail monitoring device detects the speed of handrail from time to time. When the speed difference between handrail and step is more than 2%, escalator will be stopped.
Step lost monitoring deviceIf escalator steps were not on normal position or broken, they may get out of the guide, and then there would be space between steps which may lead to some safety accidents. To avoid this, step lost monitoring device detects the position of each step during operation and stops the escalator if the steps were broken and have safety risk to passengers.
Water proof monitoring deviceWater brought by rain, conduit broken, etc in escalator pit ruins escalator control system. This device is to detect the water in the pit. After detecting water, the device will stop the escalator to alert escalator management person to take proper action.
Auto AnoucementCustomized voice and/or music broadcasting reminds passengers on safety and releases passengers tense.
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