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Designed and engineered for swift, smooth elevator service in high-rise residential and commercial buildings, Compass was created with a thoughtful attention to detail in order to make the destination management system feel just right. Unlike conventional dispatching, the CompassPlus system helps you avoid the crowds and get where you’re going with less waiting time and fewer stops. You simply enter your destination and the CompassPlus system does the rest.


Sophisticated dispatching algorithms reduce passenger wait time and in-car time compared to traditional dispatching.

Car designation system improves lobby traffic flow and limits crowding by directing passengers to assigned cars.

Automatic grouping of passengers by common destination reduces the number of stops per trip.

Continuous evaluation of car assignments in response to changing traffic patterns reduces car crowding and time-to-destination.

Interactive building directory touchscreens efficiently assist and direct visitors.

Easy integration into a building’s existing security system facilitates security operations.

Improved passenger experience and increased system efficiency provide greater tenant satisfaction.
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