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OH 5000

The OH5000 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Elevator is fitted with a highly efficient gearless machine and mechanical components that are designed to reduce energy consumption and operational costs, providing travel speeds of up to 2 meters per second.

This energy efficient lift reduces the start-up current saving electricity, improves drive efficiency, lowers the heat-consumption of the motor, and lowers the mechanical-energy and consumption of machine. The OH 5000 delivers energy efficiency, saves space allowing for design flexibility, environmental responsibility, and improves riding comfort.

The OH5000 is also available with a glass elevator car, providing a panoramic view over the city or your building, with the classic square cabin, rounded cabins or the extraordinary diamond cabin on offer. The beautiful aesthetics are finished off with attractive ceilings, handrail and panel options and a range of flooring options.

Energy Efficiency

The OH 5000’s permanent magnet gearless traction machine offer energy-savings by:

  • Reducing start-up current
  • Improving drive efficiency
  • Reducing heat consumption and the mechanical energy of motor
  • Compatible with Otis’ ReGen technology to allow potential energy to be converted into electricity, and fed back into the power grid, further reducing energy usage.

Ride Comfort

  • Machine brakes and sound isolation pads reduce noise
  • ReGen Variable Frequency System ensures operating precision.
  • Smooth start-up and levelling

Space Saving

The compact size of the permanent magnet gearless traction machine frees up valuable building space by using only 70% of the space required for conventional systems.
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