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We are applying technology to help the world grow taller, faster and smarter. In doing so, we are connecting people not just physically – to one another and the places we go – but digitally as well. The data we gather connects to a building’s digital ecosystem and enables us to move people seamlessly, conveniently and without interruption.

Our Compass 360 intelligent dispatching system knows where passengers are going before they step into the elevator. We can group passengers by their destinations and eliminate extra stops, making arrival times 50% faster during peak travel periods. Our eCall Plus smartphone app, with wireless technology, creates a fast and touchless passenger experience.

Our Otis ONE digital service platform automatically collects elevator data and uses artificial intelligence to help predict and prevent service disruptions and shutdowns – to keep everyone moving. This year we deployed and connected approximately 100,000 Otis ONE units, delivering real-time, actionable information used by our experts to drive future improvements.



Our industry continues to be defined by Otis-inspired innovations. Our investments in research and development, along with investments in digital and strategic initiatives, have increased by approximately 60% since 2015. And we count among our 1,300 R&D engineers a growing number of software engineers, data scientists and experts in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our engineers quickly developed and advanced solutions to help customers prepare for the safe reopening and maintenance of their buildings, including touchless elevator technologies, purification products, and traffic-flow analysis and solutions to support social distancing. We also commissioned an independent academic study on elevator airflow, how it affects the risk of coronavirus transmission among passengers and how to mitigate those risks with science-based safety protocols. The study concludes that a short elevator ride represents a relatively low risk of exposure compared to several everyday activities – less than outdoor dining and comparable to a trip to the supermarket – when simple mitigation strategies are in place, including all passengers properly wearing a surgical-style mask and the installation of a common type of air purification system.

~60% increase in R&D and strategic investments since 2015

4X increase in U.S. patents granted in 2020 vs. 2015

>2X more product launches in 2020 vs. 2018

“Our goal is to create smart elevators with a frictionless passenger experience – so intuitive you don’t need to think about it: elevators that recognize you, know where you are going, understand the changing traffic patterns in the building, and adjust how we assign and park elevators to provide zero wait time.”

Pooja Dewan Vice President and Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Foxwoods Resort Casino pilots elevator voice and gesturing technologies

Otis is partnering with key customers to pilot innovative touchless solutions. As part of its focus on a safe reopening plan, Connecticut’s Foxwoods Resort Casino in the United States teamed with Otis to pilot the use of voice technology and gesturing to summon elevators and reduce guest touchpoints. Users can simply state their destination or wave their hand to call the elevator. Otis is also working with other customers to pilot and mature these technologies for use in apartment buildings, hospitals and other settings.

Industry 4.0 escalator factory opens in China

Our new factory in Haining, China, meets Industry 4.0 standards, incorporating intelligent manufacturing and advanced automation to produce high-performance escalators and moving walkways. Innovative digital technologies include 3D modeling, custom engineering and real-time quality management to enhance product quality and operational efficiency.

Applying the latest technologies in exciting new ways

Buildings today are sophisticated digital ecosystems, equipped with building management systems to control various functions, from lighting and HVAC systems to security access. Using cloud-based API (Application Programming Interface) technology, customers can now integrate our elevator service data into their building management system, giving facility managers a single, holistic view of all building information. Our customers are collaborating with us to use APIs in ways that benefit their tenants and guests, and make their buildings more efficient. Republic Plaza in Singapore recently integrated our eCall API with its smart building app to allow tenants to summon the elevator as they approach. This touchless solution lets passengers move safely and seamlessly through the building. Our new Otis Integrated Dispatch API allows autonomous service robots to use a building’s elevators without interfering with passenger traffic – an ideal solution for hospitals, hotels and commercial buildings. As a subscription service, APIs also provide a new source of recurring revenue for Otis.

“When an elevator goes down, that’s lost productivity for our customer. The apps help me get the unit up and running that much faster.”

Alex LeBlanc Service Mechanic, Otis North America