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With customers in more than 200 countries and territories, we are globally recognized for our quality, safety and reliability. You will find us in the world’s most iconic structures, as well as residential and commercial buildings, transportation hubs, and everywhere people are on the move. And whatever the post-pandemic world looks like, we embrace the view that diverse, resilient, livable cities remain our best hope for the future – as centers of community, innovation and economic opportunity.



We are local, everywhere. We operate through 1,400 branches and offices and maintain a local workforce in both metropolitan areas and community neighborhoods. We understand that trust is built on the knowledge and experience that can only be gained on the ground. Our 33,000 service mechanics are in the field talking with customers every day, making connections. We are their local elevator company.

4.4B people living in cities*

6.7B people projected to live in cities by 2050*

85% Otis colleagues located outside U.S.

* United Nations World Urbanization Prospects 2018

Transforming daily life for urban commuters in Panama

The Panama Canal remains among the world’s most impressive infrastructure achievements. Now Panama has another landmark project: Central America’s first metro system, built to relieve traffic congestion in Panama City and the western part of the country. The transit authority tapped Otis to supply nearly 300 escalators and more than 120 elevators to ferry passengers from street level to the train platforms at 30 stations along Lines 1 & 2 of the new metro system. We developed a special interface to integrate the Otis EMS Panorama elevator management system with the metro’s own monitoring and control system to provide a single view of all operating systems, including the elevators and escalators.

Alto Tower: ‘Liberated architecture’ transforms La Défense skyline

Located in La Défense business district in Paris, Alto Tower presents a daring silhouette as it rises 150 meters above street level, gradually flaring outward in graceful curves – from 600 square meters at its base to 1,800 square meters at the top. Its facade of glass scales adds to this sense of fluidity – what its architect calls “liberated architecture.” The contractor turned to Otis to custom engineer an elevator system best suited to the building’s unique shape. Our solution: eight double-deck SkyRise® elevators, configured to take passengers directly to their destination without stopping at a transfer floor. On entering the building, passengers log their destination using our Compass® 360 destination dispatch system, which assigns them to the elevator that will get them to their destination the fastest. The tower also includes two single SkyRise elevators, two Gen2 elevators and two Otis escalators – used to reach the upper cab of the double-deck units.

Xiqu Centre: A stunning gateway into Hong Kong's new cultural district

With its dramatic curvilinear facade and reinterpretation of the Moon Gate found in traditional Chinese gardens, the Xiqu Centre serves as a stunning gateway to Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District, the city’s new precinct for arts and culture. In keeping with its green design, the building features a dozen energy-efficient Gen2 elevators from Otis. Gen2 systems with ReGen® drives are capable of reducing energy consumption by 75% under normal operating conditions compared to conventional systems without regenerative technology.

Photo courtesy of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

The super-slim skyscrapers redefining urban skylines

New York City’s 520 Park Avenue belongs to a new generation of super-slim skyscrapers that are transforming urban skylines around the world – from Moscow to London, from Melbourne to Bangkok and Hong Kong. A 64-story luxury residential tower clad in limestone, 520 Park Avenue features two custom-built Otis elevators. One is an elegantly outfitted passenger elevator paneled in French walnut. The other is a double-deck elevator – the lower cab reserved for passenger use, the upper cab programmed for service. Given the building’s small footprint, a separate hoistway for a service elevator would have occupied too much precious space – a problem we solved with the unique double-deck configuration.

Driving remarkable results around the globe

Across the commercial, residential and infrastructure segments, we understand the unique challenges of every project and are able to marshal our global resources and expertise to help ensure their success. Our Global Major Projects team manages the most complex projects, collaborating with architects, developers, general contractors and building owners to achieve their vision. Supporting them are 1,300 experienced Otis R&D engineers, experts in understanding and solving for site-specific challenges like building sway and stack effect. And we deploy our most seasoned field professionals, many with decades of hands-on experience, to oversee the most demanding installations.

Otis sales by segment

  • 58% Service
  • 42% New Equipment

Otis adjusted operating profit by segment*

  • 83% Service
  • 17% New Equipment

* Please refer to the Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Measures to Corresponding GAAP Measures in the financial section for additional information.

“Customers choose Otis for our quality, safety, reliability and unmatched expertise. We deliver a consistent customer experience across the world, whether you’re engaging Otis teams in New York, New Delhi or anywhere in between. It is what sets us apart.”

Robin Fiala Vice President, Sales & Marketing